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What's Wrong with the Low-Speed Granulator temperature?

Feb. 10, 2020

As a Low-Speed Granulator Manufacturers3d试机号查询今天的福彩, share with you.

Reasons why the Low-speed Granulator cannot control the temperature:

Low-speed Granulator

3d试机号查询今天的福彩Low-speed Granulator

3d试机号查询今天的福彩Temperature cannot rise:

① The heater power is not enough, increase the power.

3d试机号查询今天的福彩② The screw design of the plastic granulator has problems, improve the screw design.

3d试机号查询今天的福彩③ The temperature control probe is not in contact or damaged, put the probe wire in place or replace it.

2. The temperature does not drop

3d试机号查询今天的福彩④ The temperature control wire is reversed, and the transfer wire.

⑤ The screw design has problems. Improve the screw design.

⑥ The barrel and screw of the plastic granulator are cooled by a cooling device.

3d试机号查询今天的福彩Foreign matter stuck in the barrel, clean up the foreign matter.

3. The temperature display is faulty (not displayed or the display is confusing). The temperature controller is damaged or invalid. Replace the temperature controller.

3d试机号查询今天的福彩When we go to use the pellet machine, we must always check whether the oiling part is leaking. If the oil leak is serious, it will definitely cause the inability to supply the fuel and affect the machine work. The solution to this situation is:

3d试机号查询今天的福彩1.When adding the oil lining, first check the granulator spindle and rotor of the plastic pellet machine manufacturer to ensure that there is no material residue in the gap;

3d试机号查询今天的福彩2. Clean the filter screen of the oil filter in detail;

3d试机号查询今天的福彩3.Remove the granulator grease block of the plastic pellet machine manufacturer. The general tools for disassembly are: it must be a useful hollow tube of length, the main purpose is to plug it into the oil hole. The impurities are clean.

Waste plastic pellet machine manufacturers are more common crystalline plastics, mainly including polyethylene PE, polypropylene PP, polyoxymethylene POM, etc., and the crystallization of these plastic particles has a great impact.

3d试机号查询今天的福彩In terms of optical properties, crystallization makes plastic particles opaque, because the interface between the crystalline and amorphous regions will cause light scattering, reducing the size of the spherulite to a certain degree, not only to improve the strength of the plastic, but also to improve transparency. In terms of mechanical properties, crystallization makes the plastic particles brittle, that is, the impact strength decreases, the toughness is strong, and the ductility is poor. In terms of thermal properties, crystalline plastics do not show a high elastic state when the temperature is increased, and when the temperature is increased to the melting temperature TM, they exhibit a viscous flow state. Another point is that in terms of solvent resistance, the plastic particle permeability of waste plastic pellet machine manufacturers will be improved because the crystals are arranged more closely.

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