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Self-contained Vacuum Autoloader (Induction Type)

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ModelMotorConveying Capacity (Kg/h)Hopper  Capacity (L)Conveying Pipe diameter (mm)Dimensions (mm)Weight (Kg)
AML-400GInduction1.5HP/3Phase40010Ø38800x450 x45025

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1) The test condition of conveying capacity: vertical distance 4 meters, horizontal distance 1 meter.
2) The standard power voltage for AML-400G is 3Ø 380V 50/60Hz; other voltage is available. 

Self-contained Vacuum Autoloader (Induction Type)


3d试机号查询今天的福彩AML-400G combined autoloader use a three phase induction motor with low noise and long service life. It also has an automatic motor reverse cleaning device.


3d试机号查询今天的福彩* Stainless steel hopper and motor overload protective device.

* AML-400G is equipped with High-pressure induction pump with low noise and long service time.

* Microprocessor controller for ease of operation and has multiple alarm indicators.

* Equipped with emote controller for convenient setting and operation.

* Motor reversal cleaning function is available to AML-400G.

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